How to Have Hot Sex with a New Guy

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Having sex with a new guy feels awkward and exciting. That’s because you are trying to find out more about a foreign body. The guy might also not have a clue of what turns you on. One thing that enables cheap escort service to have great sex with new clients is their ability to adapt quickly. You too should be quick to read between the lines and make him comfortable. Here are tips to help you have a hot sex with your new guy.  

Don’t Skip Foreplay

It’s no doubt that there has been a moment of intense buildup. This can prompt you to skip foreplay. However, this is a big mistake you should avoid. Instead, pay keen attention to what works best for your partner. This will enable you to please him from the beginning.

Basically, focus on keeping things steamy but slow. If he tries to rush things, grab him by the wrist tightly. Follow this move with a drawn-out, long kiss. Grabbing his hand followed by a kiss will let him know that you want it but he should not rush you.

Be Ready for Awkward Moments

Ask any man that has hired a companion and he will tell you that these women have a way of acknowledging awkward moments and laughing them off. This makes clients feel comfortable around them. Generally, most people are tempted to ignore awkward moments assuming that things will go smoothly. But, being with a new guy itself is stressful. Therefore, don’t stress yourself further trying to cover up something awkward. Accept that natural mishaps will happen and if you don’t acknowledge them, they will taint the first experience.

Whisper Something Nice

Some people assume that men focus on enjoy pleasure. However, the fact is that men tend to have a difficult time trying to enjoy when unsure whether their partners are having quality time. To ensure that he is still turned on, tell him something nice. This is the secret that companions use to make passionate sex with new clients hot. Your new guy might not know the meaning of your inaudible signs. Therefore, whisper something to let him know that he is doing great.

Avoid Crazy Acrobatics

You might be tempted to practice your wild sex techniques to show him how great you are in bed. But, this is the first time and not good for that. If you do that and it fails to work or pisses him off, you will be frustrated the first time. Therefore, stick to familiar positions. Do what makes him feel awesome.

In addition to these tips, be yourself without being boring. Give him pleasure in familiar positions but spice them up with a little tweak. This is a secret that any cheap escorts will use with a new client to let him know that he stands to enjoy more if he books her again.

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